Three Crows a Letter—Vernon Oickle

When her best friend, reporter Hannah Simms, is accidently killed under ominous circumstances, Amy Bishop, a young movie producer, finds herself drawn to Liverpool, Nova Scotia, the same small town where her friend met her demise. Once there, Amy’s welcomed by the local inhabitants—and by the crows, the black sentinels that have been at the centre of many of the area’s mysteries in recent years. As Amy and her new friends try to understand the crows’ dark message, they are thrust into one tragic event after another.Like all those who came before her, Amy eventually finds that nothing in this quaint settlement nestled on Nova Scotia’s South Shore is as it seems—nothing. Picking up only months after Two Crows Joy reached its jolting climax, Three Crows a Letter spins a riveting and spine-tingling tale of suspense and vengeance that will leave the reader breathless and keep them guessing right up to its exciting conclusion.
DARK ANGELSHubert Edward Devine
When young Will Alexander joins the notorious Dark Angels, his life is catapulted in dangerous yet thrilling directions. He trades on his native intelligence and motorcycle savvy to gain a place of respect among his one-percenter brothers—men with names like Shotgun, Stumpy, Frenchy Jack, Frantic Fred and Speedy. As a biker war between the Dark Angels and a rival club erupts, Will gravitates to the danger and excitement and ends up pushing the limits in a broiling cauldron of chaos and mayhem. He connects with Gloria—a beautiful, straight-speaking college student, who works as a stripper. Their love takes root as the violence spins out of control, and as detectives, Garrity and Akerman have Will in their crosshairs. At every turn, Will’s life begins to speed out of control, torpedoing him into an endless array of cut-throat brawls, deadly gunplay and corners unknown. But, as much as Will is drawn to the abyss, he yearns to understand his life’s path—to think the edifying thoughts of philosophy, to create art, to love deeply, to fill the gnawing void of his father’s tragic death in the Korean War—to come to a place where wild adventure is caressed by tenderness. Will wants to come home.

Two Crows Joy—Vernon Oickle

When ace investigative reporter, Hannah Simms, chases a story to an idyllic seaside town nestled on the rugged coastline of Nova Scotia’s South Shore, she ends up uncovering more than she bargained for.The historic and stately Haddon House has been a fixture of the Liverpool streetscape for over two hundred years. Perched high on a hill that overlooks the harbour, the expansive manor is a place of mystery and the reporter holds the key to unlocking its secrets. Picking up where One Crow Sorrow left off, Two Crows Joy continues the story of Liverpool’s otherworldly connection to the mysterious and  intelligent black birds that seem to appear without notice, but clearly with a mission.

Problem Solving Patty Builds a Tree HouseAndre Veinotte

Join Patty and her friends in this wonderful new series that teaches basic engineering concepts in a fun and creative way!Patty is faced with challenging problems every day. In this first book of the series, she takes on a difficult project with the help of her friends, Beth and Chen, and puts her engineering know-how to the test. Will she be able to use the lessons she learned with her father and solve her toughest problem yet?
One Crow Sorrow—Vernon Oickle

Something wicked and dark has descended on the small town of Liverpool, Nova Scotia. On its weather-beaten surface, it is like most small Maritime towns, but life is not what it seems in this seaside community. Behind the facades of its seemingly ordinary townfolk, are hidden lies, deceptions and secrets — secrets both dark and sinister that protect untold horrors of human suffering and pain. The truth however, is something the locals believe is best left alone... that is until an unexpected stranger arrives one damp March morning along with thousands of crows that blanket the town in a sea of darkness. One by one, members of an affluent family are targeted as the large ebony birds and the mysterious stranger go about their mission. Will this seaside town ever be the same again?

Five Crows Silver—Vernon Oickle
Young girls are being savagely ripped from their beds as their parents sleep soundly in the next room. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare—and no one, including the RCMP, know when or where the monster will strike next. But when victims start turning up dead in Liverpool, this quaint Nova Scotia town is thrust into yet another mystery. As veteran RCMP officers Cliff Graham and Greg Paris race to catch the killer before more young victims turn up in their jurisdiction, they receive some unexpected help from five crows that have been observing the horrific events as they’ve unfolded. But can they solve this mystery before it’s too late. In Five Crows Silver, author Vernon Oickle plunges readers into the depths of darkness and depravity, unlike anything he’s explored in his previous books in the series. 

Stepping Out—Lila Hope Simpson

Meet Lydia . . .
She's a quirky but lovable woman who spontaneously decides to walk away from her old life and begin a new one. With no idea where she will go or how she will get there, Lydia follows her instincts. From small-town Nova Scotia to the vibrant streets of Montreal, Lydia learns to fend for herself, finding support and unconditional love where she least expects it. But can she truly embark on a new life without confronting her past? While Lydia may not have all the answers, she is willing to allow her life to unfold and discover the true meaning of family, trust, courage, self and much to her surprise, love. Emotionally powerful, you will laugh, weep and connect with Lydia as her adventures and misadventures take her on a captivating path that points her to exactly where she was meant to be.
Crow Series

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Crow Series
Crow Series

Next the Unhappy Lobster—Judith McMurray

Next is a very unhappy lobster. When he finds himself trapped one morning and placed atop a shiny silver platter headed right for the dinner table in a fancy family restaurant, he doesn’t know what to do. He begins to cry. Luckily, a caring little girl sees his giant tears and steps in to help the little lobster. But will she be able to save him in time?Find out if Next, the Unhappy Lobster really will be...NEXT.

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Crow Series

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Destiny's Author—Stewart Laszlow

In 1944, the Nazis commence their swift and cruel occupation of Hungary. Thomas Layder is just sixteen years old and in love. As the Nazis heighten their systematic deportation of Budapest’s Jewish population, it becomes imperative for Thomas to find any means possible to escape the only home he has ever known and find the girl he believes he is destined to be with. Based on true events and people, Destiny’s Author is the riveting account of one man’s remarkable survival of both the Jewish Holocaust and later, the ill-fated Hungarian revolution against the stronghold of Soviet communism. All the while, he is holding onto the hope of one day reuniting with his childhood love. After a thirteen-year journey leads him and his family across the Atlantic in search of freedom and the start of a new life, fate has plans for Thomas that he could never have imagined. Through the author’s narration of his father’s amazing story, Destiny’s Author engages readers with a vividly depicted world of terror, suspense and passion. It celebrates the human will for survival, the rewards of perseverance and the relentless drive for love, happiness and success—no matter what the cost.

Four Crows A Boy—Vernon Oickle

What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails, and puppy dogs’ tails.
That’s what little boys are made of.

Maybe that’s what they’re made of in nursery rhymes, but in the rustic seaport of Liverpool, NS, little boys are made of much, much more. They’re made of things that defy logic . . . things that will chill you to the bone. In Liverpool, where the crows have reigned supreme for centuries, carrying out their missions that often blur the lines of good and evil, it’s been three years since the powerful birds swooped in to stop a psychotic killer on a murderous killing spree. Since then, they have faded into the background. But now that several young boys have arrived in Liverpool, four of the black avian warriors have resurfaced. And the town’s residents are thrust once again into a series of events that defy explanation, taking many of them on a journey beyond the realm of possibility—and reality.