Author and Illustrator Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Three Dogs Press. We welcome your inquiry.

We accept submissions directly from authors. Three Dogs Press is committed to publishing Canadian authors and as such, will focus their efforts on Canadian manuscripts. We will consider other manuscripts but Canadian authors will be given first priority at this time.

We accept fiction of all types including children’s illustrated books. We also accept non-fiction books, including cook books and how-to manuals. We are currently actively seeing non-fiction manuscripts, especially compelling stories, biographies and autobiographies and any military-related material. We are not however, accepting poetry at this time.


Please note: We are currently accepting only electronic submissions.

Query letters and samples may be sent via e-mail to:

Should you have large files, please send via drop box with a link and we will respond.

For email submissions:

In your query, please include the following information in the text of the email:

For fiction submissions:

Cover letter, with current contact information (including email address)

Brief bio

A concise synopsis (include how the story ends)

The word count of the full manuscript

A description of your intended audience

The first chapter (for children’s illustrated books, please send the entire book)

For nonfiction submissions:

Cover letter containing a brief description of the project

A complete Table of Contents and chapter-by-chapter outline

A detailed proposal and up to three sample chapters.

A description of the intended market and a brief explanation of why you think your book is different from others already on the market. Include a list of known competing titles.

Brief summary of your background and credentials as they pertain to the subject matter.

Include complete permissions and citations

Total word count for the proposed manuscript

All manuscripts should be double spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman, black text with 1-inch margins. Please number the pages.

Your complete daytime contact information including telephone and email

Submissions by email must include the word “Submission” and the genre of your book written in the subject line text. Simultaneous submissions will be accepted on the condition you clearly state in your cover letter that another publisher is considering your work. We will accept multiple submissions.

If we are interested in your submission, we will contact you for the full manuscript.

Illustrator´s Guidelines

Three Dogs Press is not currently accepting submissions from artists and illustrators. We will, however, keep updating the website as out needs change. Thank you for your interest.

Submission Guidelines