This month ONLY receive $100 off a regular priced course...

now only $49.95!

Writing Courses

This month ONLY receive $100 off a regular priced course...

now only $49.95!

This month ONLY receive $100 off a regular priced course...

now only $49.95!

Writing Courses
Writing Courses
Writing Courses

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Writing Courses

This month ONLY receive $350 off the regular priced complete course...

now only $99.95!

Write to Get Published

This is the ultimate writing course for writers who are looking to

get their book published. The course teaches you everything you

need to know to take you from the idea stage of your story right

to the printing, publishing and then marketing of your new book.

This course is offered in three parts:

PART 1:So you want to be a writer!

Part 1 of Write to Get Published teaches all the key ingredients

to composing a great story, everything you need to write the next

bestselling novel like:

  1. How to Hook Your Reader Right Away: The first sentence and the first chapter of your book determine whether or not your story gets read. In Part 1 of Write to Get Published you learn the secrets to writing that first compelling line and chapter.
  2. How to Write Prose That Sparkles: Learn simple methods to bring your writing to life so you create a book that just begs to be read. In this section of the course, you’ll gain essential tools every writer needs like developing plot, theme and point of view.
  3. Making Your Book Unique: As a writer, you need to develop a voice that is both believable and genuine. In So you want to be a writer! you learn techniques to find and nurture your own distinctive voice.
  4. What Goes Into a Really Good Book?: Add these five crucial elements and you’re well on your way to creating a great story.  
  5. The Essentials of Story Writing: An effective novel consists of 7 major components. Fail to include one of these and your story just won’t work. Part 1 lets you know what they are and how to write them convincingly.
  6. Avoid Writer’s Block and Produce More in Less Time: No one wants to deal with the frustration of staring at an empty screen. In So you want to be a writer! you get  practical, effective methods to stay focused and productive.


PART 2:Descriptive Writing Publisher’s Love

In Part 2 of the course, you’ll discover how to include just the right

amount of description in your prose and how to write it effectively.

If you want to produce a manuscript of professional quality that grabs

the attention of any publisher, then be sure you get your hands on

Part 2. You’ll also learn other valuable lessons that include:

  1. How to Get Your Reader Invested in Your Story: Creating
    interesting characters that your reader cares about ensures
    your novel is read from beginning to end. Part 2 teaches you how to develop compelling characters (whether for a children's
    the real-life people in your non-fiction book need to grab your reader's attention.
  2. Learn how to Add Color to Your Story: Shape your setting and you bring depth to your story. Inside Part 2  you’ll find powerful tips for creating a vivid background for your characters.
  3. Produce a Professional Quality Manuscript:In Part 2, you’ll discover essential techniques, such as ‘Show Don’t Tell,’ that will impress publishers and set you apart from the amateurs.
  4. Tricks for Writing Effective Dialogue: Many writers fail when it comes to writing convincing dialogue. In Part 2, you’ll discover advice on how to do it effectively so your characters spring to life and their dialogue not only seems believable but it carries the story forward instead of weighing it down.
  5. Write a Book Your Reader Just Can’t Put Down: Creating suspense and conflict in any genre can spice up your book. Learn these elements and your novel or non-fiction book will fly off the bookstore shelves.
  6. Avoid the Dreaded “Middle of Story” Trap: So many writers fall flat when it comes to writing a successful middle section to their book. In Part 2, you’ll discover ways you can keep your readers interested all the way from beginning to end.
  7. Write a Book Everyone Loves To Recommend: Want to leave your reader satisfied? Learn how to write a perfect ending and watch how popular your book becomes. Word of mouth is essential for a successful book.

PART 3:So You’ve Completed Your Manuscript . . . Now What?

You will learn 8 of the most common mechanical errors that publisher’s

run into when reviewing manuscripts.  Why do you need to know these

common mistakes? Because they scream amateur, turning off any editor

and instantly killing your manuscript. Avoid them and you increase your chance of success significantly. This last part of Write to Get Published

takes you through the publishing process. It helps you figure out if traditional or self-publishing is your best option and how you can market your book. Inside Part 3, you’ll also find ways to:

  1. The Best Way to Get a Publisher to Read Your Manuscript:
    Don’t waste your money mailing your entire manuscript to
    every publishing house. Sending a query letter is not only expected,
    but it is a cheaper, more effective way to grab the attention of a publisher. And it can make or break any submission. Inside Part 3, you will learn the standard for writing a persuasive query letter, one that ensures publishers read your manuscript and not toss it aside.
  2. Impress Publishers with a Great Synopsis of Your Story: Just like there’s a standard for query letters, there’s one for writing a synopsis. Learn what publishers expect and make them eager to read your book.
  3. Increase Your Chance of Success By Submitting Your Best Work: Before sending your manuscript to any editor or publisher, you want to tighten it up. In So You’ve Completed Your Manuscript…Now What? I’ve outlined ways to revise that first draft. You’ll also find a practical checklist of what to cut along with the top 10 ways to avoid mistakes in your copy.
  4. Make Your Book Stand Out on the Bookstore Shelf: Every book needs a winning title. In this final section of the course you’ll find effective methods to create that perfect and memorable title.
  5. Look Like a Professional Writer: You need to present your manuscript a certain way for publishers to take you seriously. So You’ve Completed Your Manuscript…Now What? teaches you the specifics of what publishers want. You’ll learn the expected word count for new writers as well as the preferred font, spacing and line count.
  6. Avoid the Biggest Submission Blunders: The last thing you want to do is annoy a prospective publisher. In Part 3, you will learn all the dos and don’ts of submitting your manuscript. You’ll discover the policy on solicited vs. unsolicited submissions as well as multiple submissions.
  7. Marketing Your Book: Now that you have your finished book, you need to let the world know who you are. In Part 3, you will learn practical,easy and FREE ways to market your new book as well as the advantages of creating an eBook.

PURCHASE ALL THREE PARTS TOGETHER AND SAVE: If you purchase all three parts for this month ONLY, you will save $350 and get an added bonus of one hour of my time to answer any questions you have. I will also give you a free manuscript evaluation, including a partial edit of your first chapter, worth $495. I will also include my free eBook on “Social Media Musts,” everything you need to know about marketing your book online.